As part of the ceremony of eighth edition of the Excellence in Education Awardwithin the thematic area Digital and New Technologies, Piazza Copernico has been awarded the Mention Jury President Sergio Bellucci relative to Project "Anti-fragility and accessibility: a combination in favor of the sustainable growth of organizations" created for Enel.

Title of the mention “Anti-fragility as a strength: a sail unfurled to thrive in challenges”


The course - in four episodes - aims to provide companies with a new tool in terms of soft skills to face the working world, marked by profound and constantly changing changes. The idea is to implement a training course aimed at enhancing the examples of "antifragility”, that is, those talents who have known how to make fragility their strong point and uncertainty their battle horse.

The itinerary includes four episodes in which the stories of different characters are told in different contexts, in which a typical situation of chaos, stress, risk, error is staged in which the attitude antifragile it can make the difference to improve, learn, evolve.

Our client Enel has decided to invest in his human capital by adopting the training course "Be antifragile”, so as to be able to develop winning strategies and proactive choices, even in the presence of the so-called “black swans”, i.e. unpredictable/critical events with a strong impact.


The course was developed according to the WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility principles (The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA, the main guidelines established by the World Wide Web Consortium to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities), thus guaranteeing use of the episodes to all those who use assistive technologies or specific computer configurations due to disability or inadequate environmental conditions.

To get into the point of view of all users and to help them reach efficiently and comprehensively, an accessible interface has been implemented.

By way of example, the following have been included in the courses:

  • detailed instructions for each button, to help screen reader users use application commands and know what will happen after each button is pressed;
  • subtitles can be set to four different sizes;
  • each key, once selected, shows a clearly visible border, allowing users to immediately identify it;
  • adaptive management of the interface, which allows the visually impaired to be able to enlarge the tabs and writings present, without giving up their functionality;
  • for deaf users, the possibility of using the contents through the Italian Sign Language (LIS) has been included;
  • to make multimedia content fully accessible, theaudio description;
  • for users who have difficulty reading, subtitles have been used Closed caption (cc) or Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) which make use of a series of elements, such as: white lettering on a dark background, to ensure good contrast; sound effects (gunshots, dogs barking, phones ringing, etc.); identification of the speaker; music, to identify the tone of the video and the atmosphere.

Once made accessible, the "Being antifragile" course was validated by the Enel Group's Digital Accessibility team. This valuable collaboration has made it possible to test and verify the effectiveness of the measures undertaken in line with the directives on accessibility and to implement them in terms of usability.