The module "THE EXPERT ANSWERS”, Integrated into the platform, is a powerful tool for live sessions in which one or more teachers, or content experts, can be made available to an audience of users to respond in a deferred manner to questions posed in writing.

There is also the possibility of generating FAQs on specific topics, which can subsequently be made available to everyone, within the LMS platform.

This product was born from the need to engage staff in a structured way, within the company, but possibly without distracting the person from the work he is doing at that moment.

In the past there were tools that were not very suitable to meet this need, while this new engagement tool manages to support the training process without however diverting the person's attention from his or her normal work activities.

The Module was also presented to an international audience as part of the 14th Edition of eLM 2022, International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning - eLmL 2022, held in Porto, Portugal, from 26 to 30 June 2022, during the Special Track EUEHL: Earning User Engagement in Hybrid Adult Learning.

The presentation was led by Daniele Poce and Serena Di Sanno.