The present and future of training goes towards digital learning experience driven.

We found some very interesting ideas on the subject in Accenture's research “It's learning. Just not as we know it ".


The research aims to examine the impact that the introduction of artificial intelligence and automation within companies has and will have on the job tasks and skills required.

Briefly, we can identify three ideas that we consider fundamental:

It is necessary to develop new skills and convert people towards new types of work, intervening on technical and transversal skills

We need to rethink the organizational system by adapting it to new business models dictated by AI

Consequently, the system of skills must also be revised, which must move from roles to tasks.

Given these premises, training must also change accordingly, becoming more and more experiential: no longer delivering a frontal or digital lesson, but learning through practice, immersion in real situations, experimentation and comparison with others.

The trainer must no longer be a simple teacher who gives a lesson, but must be the first to know how to use and apply all new technologies.

What types of training are we referring to when talking about Experiential Learning?

LEARNING MOBILE                        Learn Anytime, Anywhere

microlearning                            Learning Pills

ADAPTIVE LEARNING                    Learn what you really need

COLLABORATIVE LEARNING      Learn through others experience

GAMING                                               Play and Learn

CONTEXTUAL LEARNING              Learn in your ambience

IMMERSIVE LEARNING                  Virtual reality experience

ON DEMAND LEARNING                Learn in real time