Through an agreement with Teleskill, DIET of Sapienza and Tor Vergata Medicine Department is starting project Best-Learning (Behavior-Emotion System & Tracking for learning) 

The project will last for 18 months, and involves the creation of a system of face recognition with a model oncaution and recognition of emotions. 

The project will be tested within the tool development Teleskill live and the definition of tracking patterns and detailed statistical analyses they will be carried out with the Piazza Copernico software Learnalyzer. 

The project path will develop through a series of subsequent steps:  

  • It will be hooked up first Learnalyzer at the Moodle of Teleskill to collect and study data from webinar, creating a specific analysis and graphic model; 
  • secondly we will collaborate on the definition of analytics model for the part behavioral & emotions and to the definition of teaching strategies (before the webinar to create homogeneous classrooms for participation levels, during with metrics to support the teacher, after for the analysis of classroom KPIs); 
  • at this point we will develop the algorithms webinar-specific analytics in Learnalyzer; 
  • we will therefore be ready to implement data interfacing between Teleskill live and Learnalyzer 
  • at this point we will validate the prototype created jointly with experiments in the two university contexts. 

Throughout this complex research journey it will never be forgotten the need to think about anonymization solutions and a client-side model to stay within the new indications from AI-ACT e of thethe restrictions that this poses in the field of education and emotional control.