Although it was founded in Canada in 2001, it has been since 2017 that the date of 21 April was set by the United Nations as the World Day of Creativity and Innovation.

The international days want to contribute to raising awareness of a topic of international interest, and for this reason they are usually promoted by the General Assembly of the United Nations, by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations or from ourUNESCO.

This day must be a way to celebrate innovation as a method development, and its celebration must lead us to:

  • Unleashing new ideas
  • Solving problems in unusual ways
  • Encourage new paths
  • Soliciting efficient but unusual decisions
  • Use your imagination productively
  • Glimpse a different reality managed with different solutions
  • Take advantage of lateral thinking by looking for alternative points of view

In PIAZZA COPERNICO we are convinced that innovativeness is not just a sudden intuition, or a unique invention, but rather the result of cooperation among many thinking heads, of the synergy between people that create a new situation capable of change the current reality.

Piazza Copernico realizes this challenge in the field of Digital Learning through a Innovation Plan and Research and development constantly updated.

Piano is dedicated not only to the development of new applications specifically dedicated to the Training and HR sector, but plans to make these new applications transversal, extending where possible their use in many other business sectors.