Get a refund immediately to train your employees on sustainability and digital skills with the 2024 new skills fund

The tender for the new edition of the New Skills Fund is being defined.

While waiting for its publication, we provide you with a brief description of the contribution and a preview of the innovations introduced in the Third edition 2024.

The Fund finances the training of employees of Italian companies on the topics of new technologies, digitization e sustainability, representing an excellent opportunity for companies and for the updating and retraining of their employees.

It is destined to private companiesof any size and sector.

These incentives, therefore, have the objective of raise the worker's personal and professional skills, with a view to meeting the new needs of the labor market and companies.

The benefit will cover the costs of 100% of the welfare and social security costs of the hours allocated to training he was born in 60% of the hourly salary of employees in training up to a maximum of 200 hours per worker.

It can be integrated with the funds set aside by Interprofessional Funds, thus guaranteeing completely free training for workers.

They are allocated for each employee minimum 40 and maximum 200 hours of training.

One of the innovations introduced in the third edition could be to give companies the opportunity to change the names of the workers involved even after the training plan has been approved.

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