With Antifragility we mean the tendency of some systems to change and improve in the face of negative situations, stress factors, disorder.

This principle was very well described by the multifaceted Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his 2012 book, in which he clarified how uncertainty is not only a source of danger from which to defend oneself, but rather an opportunity from which to take advantage, being therefore antifragile.
The resilient fearlessly endures shocks but remains the same, the antifragile instead uses them to grow and improve.


The training course on antifragility was developed based on the transposition of the educational model of the cultural association OLIMPYUS, aimed at investing in education for the future of NEXT GEN thanks to the experience of Paralympic athletes and their ability to concretely transmit the principles of antifragile resilience.

Four online courses conceived in a cinematic key, which develop over 4 episodes in which different situations of fragility are told and methods are suggested to overcome them through an anti-frail attitude, with a constant fil rouge that connects all the stories.

The training course is guided by the narrator Marco Rossato, navigator, Paralympic sailor and sailing instructor, the first paraplegic athlete to circumnavigate Italy alone, who - in close collaboration with the development team of Piazza Copernico - in each episode has included, directly or indirectly, his life experiences.

The episodes tell 4 different situations of "disorder" that are resolved precisely through the use of the antifragile culture:

  • the story of a successful manager who loses his references and has to find the way to overcome his crisis,
  • the story of a painter forced by events to reinvent a future for himself,
  • the story of a sportswoman blocked by panic attacks, and how she manages to find motivation,
  • the true story of Marco Rossato, who tells in first person his own path of antifragility through navigation.