Savills Tenant School: The most innovative digital training program for shopping center employees is using e-learning courses and the LMS platform in Piazza Copernico

In March it started - with a series of presentations in all the group's shopping centers Savillis Italy - an important and innovative training project, in fact to date the largest professional development and growth program in the large sector commercial agglomerations.

shopping center training

The ultimate goal of the project is to train employees of shopping centers in order to standardize customer management in all stores.

The assumption is that the enhancement of a common identity, and therefore the training on homogeneous levels of customer care, can represent a concrete opportunity to enhance the Centers.

With this idea, an online platform was developed for personal and professional training, to which all employees of the Savills group shopping centers can register to follow one of the training courses; in the various training courses there are courses (both mandatory and optional) dedicated to a sector or to a specific professional role.

All courses are online, and are accessible from smartphones, tablets or desktops.

To make participation more attractive, the GAMIFICATION. Through a training game, the participation of each worker is stimulated in order to improve their professional activity, but also to enhance their shop team. The game levels provide for the enhancement of the comparison with workers from other stores to standardize and qualitatively increase customer management. The competition ends with a final event including awards.

Also one was planned SOCIAL SPACE, where video contributions, documents, photos, testimonials, and suggestions are included to effectively deal with everyday situations and to share experiences.

Savillis Italy developed this project with Acqua Group, data driven company with an important presence in retail services, and using i e-learning courses and LMS platform di Piazza Copernico.