Piazza Copernico is an expert partner who knows how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by interprofessional funds, and is able to facilitate the financing of a training project.

Over the years Piazza Copernico has developed specific expertise in the funded training sector, and can usefully support its customers in identifying resources for the management of corporate training activities.

Piazza Copernico already operates with:

Determines G08544 – G12930


Section A - cod. 223881
Section C - cod. 240055

At the presentation stage

The consultancy begins in the preliminary phase of access to finance, and regards the identification of public notices of interest or the presentation of the project on the company accounts of the main inter-professional funds.

Piazza Copernico guarantees consultancy, planning assistance, training management up to accompanying and support actions such as:

Information advice on the operating mechanisms and on the opportunities offered for continuous training, and assistance for adhering to inter-professional funds.

Support to companies from the information point of view; procedural and content advice in the stages of design and presentation of the corporate, territorial, sectoral or individual Training Plans.

Monitoring constant regulatory evolution of inter-professional funds.

After approval

Consulting and coaching for companies in the management of training activities.

Administrative and accounting consultancy to companies during the presentation, management and closure of training plans.

Relative reporting expenses attributable to the funded plan.