Reflections by Silvia Pochettino (article published on Linkedin) on how a good online course and a competent teacher are fundamental pillars of an effective training path.

Classroom Training

Each of us, whatever his experiences, his studies, his professional paths, has met in a path of classroom training at least two types of teachers who - without prejudice to the quality of the contents transmitted - embody these two extreme characters:

  • - Beta teacher: serious, slow, reflective, low and whispered voice, monotonous tone, without interruptions, a running steam locomotive without intermediate stops.


  • - Alpha teacher: brilliant, passionate, informal and unconventional, competent in an original, idealistic, driving way, always ready for dialogue and listening.

These two extreme teacher prototypes are the ones we can have the chance to meet every day in the training in classAnd meeting one or the other - even with the same content transmitted - can have a decisive influence on the level of attention, involvement and therefore real learning of the subject on which we are training. 

Online courses 

When we talk about online courses, we often think of a more standardized tool, essentially based on the transmission of mere contents, and therefore less influenced by the style of display of the material. 

It is not so. Specularly to the two types of teacher described above, there are two types of online courses that promptly reproduce their characteristics: 

  • - Beta Course: scrolling of text pages that progress monotonously, often commented aseptically by a tedious Beta teacher, slides once used in the classroom that are re-proposed as they are online one after the other, without any possibility of interactivity.


  • - Alpha Course: personalized, fun, innovative paths, rich in dialogue and interaction with the learner, which intersperse the necessary part of "serious" content with games, cartoons, videos, learning tests and digitally reproduce the educational style of the Alfa Teacher.

In the training offer there are still too many Beta Teachers in the classroom, and in addition, many anonymous online Beta courses have been added "screen recordings " which have the only advantage of costing little or nothing, but add nothing to the training course of those who have the misfortune of having to experience them on their own skin. 

Digital training is often chosen by those who want to save money, but this is a colossal strategic mistake. 

The right choice for engaging and effective training 

A good e-learning course, when it exploits all the new technologies and is developed in an original and innovative way, easily manages to capture the attention of the learner, to stimulate their creativity and imagination, and above all to maintain their interest throughout. the course.  

The choice instead of the teacher in a project of classroom training it is one of the fundamental variables to be kept under control, and sometimes you prefer to activate a more expensive course in order to have a certain Alfa teacher in the classroom. 

So you need to think about other price standards, because you rightly pay for quality. 

Learning must be a pleasure, and this result can only be achieved with strictly Alfa courses and teachers.