After the first presentation a Milan on March 27, 2019, the second appointment for the presentation of the results of the ASFOR - CFMT Managerial Learning Observatory: "STILL NEED MANAGERIAL TRAINING? Training seen by managers in the context of the great transformations taking place "

The investigation, to his second edition, ha collected the opinions of Italian managers on managerial training and continuous learning. To carry out the survey they were asked, via questionnaire, as well 850 managers training users belonging to medium-large companies operating in different industrial and service sectors.

• Training time has grown over the past two years, and is expected to rise further by 2022

• The role of the Trainer is extremely important, as long as he becomes more and more a coach, a coach, and less and less a teacher (as President Manageritalia Carella underlined in the Milan presentation)

• Among the most relevant issues addressed in the last two years are leadership, innovation, change management, soft skills, the ability to develop vision and strategies, People Management

• The importance of developing the skills required by digital innovation is expected to grow in the near future (a doubling of the focus on the Digital Mindset is expected), which will be added to the general themes relating to the improvement of managerial and managerial skills.

• In managerial training, the classroom continues to be the predominant medium. However, Digital Learning and Blended Learning as a whole are starting to take hold in this sector too, and are expected to grow in the near future

In two weeks, a study on the topic of Digital Learning applied to managerial training.

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