Serious Games

The Serious Game contains many elements borrowed from the games, such as the awarding of points or the achievement of levels, and is a full-fledged game.

However, while possessing all the typical elements of the "Game", it is designed with a specific purpose, different from pure entertainment. This doesn't mean that a Serious Game doesn't have to be fun, but simply that the goal with which it is created is not just fun.

This category includes all the games that are normally defined as "Educational Games", that is designed primarily for the purpose of Inseparare.

It is an application particularly suitable for transversal formation on the soft skills.

For example, this type of product belongs to Roleplayingextremely involving simulation technique from an emotional point of view, which provides stimuli to learning through imitation, action, observation of one's own behavior and that of others.


Educational game that trains decision-making in situations involving multiple variables, such as those typical of the world of work.

Simulation is a didactic typology that adapts effectively to contexts in which it is necessary to experiment the ability to use specific methodologies, be they corporate or professional.

The didactic simulations that use the Bayesian networks they are a powerful tool for simulating decision-making processes in complex situations, as are typically those inherent in the world of work.