At Milan Digital Week 2021, Piazza Copernico and Conformity, as part of their "Social Program", present the Project

Integrated Paralympic sports to educate NEXT GENs to antifragile resilience in the post-pandemic era

Constructive talk with planners, potential funders, school administrators and athletes, to foster the creation of educational start-ups in school incubators.

How to cultivate the talents of the new generations in terms of ethical and shared leadership, thanks to an educational path of antifragile resilience with integrated Paralympic sports.

The post-pandemic future that lies ahead at NEXTGEN is extremely risky: environmental crises, health and socio-economic inequalities are the legacy that weighs on future citizens of the world. It therefore becomes necessary cultivate ethical leadership talents from the very first steps in school, educating to govern uncertainty in order to become resilient and antifragile.

This is the purpose of the presentation talk by OLIMPYUS and its application in the school: Paralympic athletes as a reference model to educate young students to face difficulties, to overcome their limits, to lead their Paralympic team towards ambitious goals despite their diversity.

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