In the monthly logbook of ITALO of the month of October an interview with Marco Luzzatto, Administrator of Piazza Copernico.

All Italo travelers this month will be able to read the article in which our Administrator illustrates the cutting-edge e-learning solutions adopted by Piazza Copernico thanks to the huge and continuous investments in Research and Development.


Marco Luzzatto, CEO of Piazza Copernico, illustrates
the advantages of an effective and fun training offer.

Piazza Copernico, which has its roots in the field of e-learning thanks to the experience of more than twenty years of its members and the quality of the educational solutions offered, is confirmed as a leading company in the sector. «Our challenge is to design ever more complete and personalized e-learning solutions; we believe that training fulfillment can and should be transformed into an opportunity for staff growth and qualification »says Marco Luzzatto, a company that has significantly increased its customer base over the past few years.

Doctor Luzzatto, what is the corporate mission?

«The Baseline“ Destination e-learning ”is not accidental. Our mission is in fact to develop an effective, complete, flexible, fast, modern learning experience, but also engaging, fun and always accompanied by the evaluation of learning and acquired skills. Our goal is to satisfy the training needs of companies in an economically sustainable way. And in this we are unbeatable! Suffice it to say that Piazza Copernico has grown significantly in the last three years, certifying itself for two consecutive years in the ranking of Financial Times "First 1.000 Faster Growing Company in Europe". How did we do it? By investing heavily in Research and Development for service and process innovation, through collaboration with University and Research Institutes such as the CNR. Thanks to a totally solid proprietary e-learning platform from a technological point of view, today used by more than 120.000 users, we are able to manage all the company's training activities. We have added new educational tools such as video-learning, webinars, gamification, micro and rapid learning to classic e-learning training, to a renewed way of doing blended learning, without forgetting informal and social learning ".

How can your offer be methodologically advanced?

«The results of investments, both economic and professional, in R & D they made it possible to equip Piazza Copernico with innovative tools for the development of new functions of the LMS platform and the adoption of constantly updated software for the design and updating of more incisive, fun and engaging e-learning courses ».


The characteristics of theInnovator: go beyond the boundaries of established practices, have an overview of the scenario, identify new perspectives, define challenging objectives, work creatively, commit to ...