Piazza Copernico collaborates with Talentsoft on the investigation of digital learning in Italy.

Do you care about training your human resources? Do you train in your company?
And e-learning?

Take part in the 2017 e-learning key trends survey!

Piazza Copernico collaborates in the first investigation of TalentSoft in Italy to find out how many use e-learning and blended-learning and how.

By answering our questionnaire you will have the opportunity to receive the White Paper containing the results of our investigation, to be able to keep up with the new trends in digital learning.

Each participant, Furthermore, receive a 10% discount on Talentsoft Learning services, 4 online lessons, and the opportunity to participate in the extraction of a Hack Day * Learning with a commercial value of 2500 €!



Piazza Copernico investigation - TalentSoft

Answer the investigation and win the Hacketon Day as a reward http://it.e-doceo.net/inchiesta.php?source=170403101629