The agreement with IAC-CNR has been signed to strengthen Research and Development in Piazza Copernico.

The 9 July PIAZZA COPERNICO He has signed a three-year collaboration agreement with  IAC the Institute for Calculus Applications "Mauro Picone" of the National Research Council of Rome.

IAC is an CNR institute that deals with the development of mathematical and statistical methods, with the aim of providing solutions for society and industry in a multidisciplinary context, in interaction and collaboration with public and private non-university institutions.

The project intends to favor the identification and development of innovative technological solutions in support of innovation projects of the LMS in terms of analytics and learning support systems, both for the development of educational solutions that require the evaluation of textual processed, and social learning projects and informal learning.

With this agreement Piazza Copernico reaffirms and increases its commitment to the continuous innovation of the e-learning solutions offered to its customers.


In particular, the collaboration will focus on these three lines of applied research:

New tools for the qualitative analysis of texts and the interpretation of the results of open-ended questionnaires: Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, sentiment analysis and opinion mining, semantic analysis.

Generation of data visualization paradigms and performing processing techniques, visualization systems suitable for those who do not have specific technical-scientific knowledge.

Analysis of course tracking data with creation of trend indicators, through pattern analysis, clustering and aggregate indexing techniques.

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