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What is artificial intelligence?

"Artificial intelligence is a discipline belonging to computer science that studies the theoretical foundations, methodologies and techniques that allow the design of hardware systems and software program systems capable of providing the electronic computer with performances that, to a common observer, they would seem to belong exclusively to human intelligence. ". This is the definition that Marco Sovalmico, an Italian engineer, gives artificial intelligence.

Put simply, AI, Artificial Intelligence is a discipline that deals with bringing the capabilities of machines closer to those of man.

This theme is obviously subject to many discussions among intellectuals from all over the world, both from an ethical point of view and from the point of view of the potential and possibility of application.

Many, in fact, see artificial intelligence as an enemy, ready to steal our jobs or make us "lazy". These people do not realize that in reality artificial intelligence has already improved their lives: they range from the ability of the thermostat to perceive a drop or rise in temperature, to the car capable of sensing the presence of a pedestrian and possibly of to brake; remaining in everyday life, artificial intelligence is applied, for example, in the medical field in diagnosing a tumor or sensing the heartbeat, but also to analyze molecules or cells.

What are the benefits of E-Learning training from AI?

In the field of distance learning, artificial intelligence already has numerous applications, especially in the field of "intelligent tutors": these work as teachers, and help the learner in learning by providing him with feedback and analyzing his results in tests.

E-learning chatbots can become virtual assistants who guide students on their school and university path, or employees on their professional training path,

Machines equipped with AI can also facilitate the statistical analysis of big data, helping the development of systems capable of analyzing in detail the results of learners and identifying which training was most effective and / or in which field.

An AI application: Chatbot of the Politecnico di Milano

 Among the artificial intelligence applications already in use, we point out that of the Milanese university, which has recently developed - in collaboration with IBM - a 24-hour assistance system for the daily life of its students.

POLIMI CHATBOT is a virtual secretariat that answers questions of various kinds of general interest for students (admissions to courses, university fees, requests for certificates).


The system is open to all, without the need for authentication:

Article written by: Valerio

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