Is it possible for the teacher to take advantage of the training days as a trainer? What does the standard provide?

We share the article of which answers a teacher's question.

Training is a right

Article. 64 (CCNL 2007, confirmed by the new Contract for everything not foreseen) states that participation in training and updating activities constitutes a right for staff as it is functional to the full realization and development of their professionalism.


How many days of leave as training and as a trainer

Article. 64 is divided into two paragraphs:

  • the paragraph 3 that concerns training courses organized by the central or peripheral administration or by educational institutions, for whose participation the staff is considered in service in all respects, with reimbursement of travel expenses if they take place off-site.
  • paragraph 5 which instead provides for i 5 days of permission to whom it is not prescribed which can only be used if the courses are organized by the administration.

Furthermore, the same right of the 5 days as training is for teachers of musical instruments and artistic subjects to participate in musical and artistic activities and is also extended for the participation in training and refresher courses as a trainer, expert or animator.


There is therefore the possibility of using the 5 days. also as a trainer. Obviously the 5 days are understood as total between training and trainer.

It should also be remembered that the rule does not place restrictions on the type of courses to which to refer, just as there are no restrictions when referring to the activity of trainer, obviously after demonstrating the activity carried out in this capacity at the school.