The term Tech Lash was first used by L'Economist in 2017, to define the end of the role of guiding spirit of the world economy of internet companies born in Silicon Valley. After the wave of enthusiasm created around the big technology companies in the XNUMXs, most of the international media began to stigmatize the excessive power acquired over the years by the symbolic companies of the new economy mostly located in the Silicon Valley, and many states have begun to fear violations of free market laws and call for stricter regulations on the use of data.

A few years and a pandemic have passed, and the landscape seems to have changed dramatically. Very few would define themselves as opposed to technology, almost all of them have become more or less enthusiastic users.

Technology has crept into every aspect of our private and professional life, strongly impacting our daily life.

We quickly went from Tech Lash to Tech Clash.
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The world of Digital learning must necessarily be in the front row in driving the involving people through technology.

This must happen in two closely related ways:

  • encourage and implement the dissemination of knowledge on new technologies
  • use new technologies to offer an extremely innovative digital training and attentive to the new personal and work needs of users

Technology must support more effective training that is ever closer to the needs of those who use it.

We are proud of the fact that Piazza Copernico has always had innovation in its DNA, and it is fully Learning Tech Clash compliant.