Italy is not at all bad in the G20.
The Industry 4.0 Plan has strengthened our competitiveness, and thanks to the PNRR, the prospects for relaunching become even more concrete

It is almost a mantra to repeat that Italian companies are too small, not very technological, not supported by solid infrastructures, in short, a reality that trudges within Western entrepreneurship.

However true there is, the recent and very interesting research of the Edison Foundation "G20 and the Italian Economy ", presented during the ASFOR Management Training Day of 16 June 2021, seems to dispel some of these clichés, providing the image of an Italy that is anything but naiv.

It is true that in the last twenty years Italy has grown less than almost all other countries, but in the last 5 years there has been a reversal of the trend and some of our traditional strengths have strengthened further.

Some of the data provided during the online event show a very different country from what common stereotypes tell us:

  • ITALY 5th in the world rankings for COMMERCIAL SURPLUS WITH ABROAD (excluding Energy sector), after China, Germany, Japan and Korea
  • ITALY 3th in the world rankings Trade Balance 3M (Machinery, Metal Products and Medicaments), after China and Germany
  • ITALY 3th in share of solar and wind energy, after Germany and the UK
  • ITALY 1th to agricultural area dedicated to organic farming
  • ITALY 1th to number of certifications 9001 and 14001 in relation to GDP

And even more industry-specific indices tell success stories:

  • The ranking for NUMBER OF ROBOTS INSTALLED see ours FOOD INDUSTRY al 3 ° place after North America and China, and ours MECHANICAL ENGINEERING al 4 ° place after China, Japan and Germany.
  • in the field MANUFACTURING we are at 1Place in terms of PRODUCTIVITY GROWTH (added value per employee)

Finally, if we look at the UN index that wants to measure human development in the round, the ADJUSTED HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX (which jointly assesses GDP, education rate, life expectancy, as well as CO2 emissions and the consumption of natural resources), thanks also to our excellent performance in the "environmental" indices, we finished 4th preceding only from UK, Germany and France.

We cannot but remember that, in the meantime, we have placed theITALY 1th in the European football championship. Not only a satisfaction, but also a sure impact on an economic and image level.

And the 6 (for the moment) gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics:

  • Vito Dell'Aquila - Taekwondo
  • Federica Cesarini and Valentina Rodini - Rowing
  • Gianmarco Tamberi - High jump
  • Marcell Jacobs - Athletics, 100 meters
  • Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti - Vela
  • Francesco Lamon, Simone Consonni, Jonathan Milan and Filippo Ganna - Pursuit on the track

What to say? We can only get better.

And there is no doubt that a massive and constant commitment to training can be an important access key for a desirable further growth.

We at Piazza Copernico are ready to make our contribution.