Microsoft 365 – ADVANCED EXCEL

Type: Online Course
Duration: 7 hours



55 Video to gain advanced Excel skills for data analysis, complex formulas, pivot tables, task automation and more, optimizing productivity and improving business efficiency.

Mini-video training pills that explain step by step the various features and use cases with audio, video and animations.



Using financial functions:

  • How to calculate the installment and rate of a loan
  • How to calculate the depreciation of an asset
  • How to make an amortization plan

Create and edit charts:

  • How to insert and edit a chart
  • How to insert a histogram
  • How to insert a line chart
  • How to insert a pie chart
  • How to create a chart with different types of data
  • How to insert scatter and bubble charts
  • How to insert a hierarchical chart
  • How to insert waterfall, funnel and radar charts
  • How to insert map and 3D charts
  • How to insert sparklines

Analyze the data:

  • How to create an outline and view subtotals
  • How to handle duplicate rows
  • How to use the UNIQUE function
  • How to create a summary of data from sheets and workbooks
  • How to make a formula give a certain result
  • How to analyze the effects of one or two variables on a formula
  • How to analyze groups of values ​​with scenarios
  • How to create a forecast sheet
  • How to import data

Create tables and pivot tables:

  • How to insert an Excel table
  • How to create a pivot table
  • How to filter and sort data in a pivot table
  • How to group data in a pivot table
  • How to create a pivot chart
  • Exercise 1-1
  • Exercise 1-2
  • Exercise 1-3
  • Exercise 1-4
  • Exercise 2-1
  • Exercise 2-2
  • Exercise 2-3

Create and assign macros:

  • How to create a macro
  • How to assign a macro to a custom command
  • How to insert buttons and other controls on worksheets

Check and protect your data:

  • How to allow you to enter only certain types of data in cells
  • How to protect sheets and folders even with a password
  • How to protect folders locally and in the cloud

Further Reading:

  • Introduction to Macros
  • Security – Scenario Presentation and Macro Recording
  • Running a Macro
  • Saving Macros to Personal Macro Folder
  • Management of a saved Macro
  • Scenario presentation
  • Configuration of the Module with Controls
  • End of Controls Configuration + Function If
  • Macro for saving data


  • Scenario presentation
  • Data Import and Table Formatting
  • Data Model and Pivot Table setup
  • Setting Data in the Pivot
  • Pivot Table Formatting and Properties
  • Filters in the PivotTable


Produced by: Piazza Copernico

Content edited by: Different

Teacher: Frank Iacovelli

COURSE CODE: OFFICE365 _ excel_advanced