82 Video to find out how to 100% master the ultimate personal productivity software in the 2019 version, using macros, shortcut, and all the functions and automatisms of a true professional.

Mini-video training pills that explain step by step the various features and use cases with audio, video and animations.


12 hours



  • Understanding the potential of Excel
  • How to orient yourself in the workplace
  • How to use Excel in Office 365


Manage folders and worksheets:

  • How to create and manage workbooks
  • How to create and manage worksheets
  • How to share folders on the cloud
  • How to work in real time with other users
  • How to print worksheets by adapting the content
  • How to insert and use the header and footer


Manage cells:

  • How to select cells, rows and columns
  • How to insert, delete and change the size of cells, rows and columns
  • How to format cells
  • How to format cells based on content
  • How to display bars, color scales and icons in cells
  • How to apply borders and hide the grid
  • How to manage cell names


Enter data correctly:

  • Recognize cell modes
  • How to enter numeric values
  • How to enter dates
  • How to enter times
  • How to enter percentage values
  • How to insert and format text
  • How to enter data from a drop-down list


Enter the formulas:

  • How to enter a formula and use arithmetic operators
  • How to copy or move values ​​and formulas
  • How to do calculations with cells in different sheets and folders
  • How to check and correct formulas


Use the autosum functions:

  • How to calculate the sum and the average
  • How to count cells
  • How to get the maximum value and minimum value
  • How to use autosum functions with conditions


Make calculations with dates and times:

  • How to calculate the time between two dates
  • How to calculate the time between two times
  • How to do calculations with dates, hours and minutes


Sort and filter lists:

  • How to sort the lists
  • How to sort by custom lists and options
  • How to use the DATA SORT functions
  • How to filter the lists
  • How to filter by specifying complex criteria
  • How to use the FILTER function


Manage the text:

  • How to extract parts of text
  • How to divide the text of a series into separate columns
  • How to merge and process text


Use logic functions:

  • How to use the IF and PLUS functions
  • How to use the And and O functions
  • How to use the IFERROR and IFNOTDISP functions


Use the search and reference functions:

  • How to use the VLOOKUP and HORIZ LOOK functions
  • How to use the INDEX and COMPARE functions
  • How to use the OFFSET function


Using financial functions:

  • How to calculate the installment and rate of a loan
  • How to calculate the depreciation of an asset
  • How to make an amortization plan


Create and edit charts:

  • How to insert and edit a chart
  • How to insert a histogram
  • How to insert a line chart
  • How to insert a pie chart
  • How to create a chart with different types of data
  • How to insert scatter and bubble charts
  • How to insert a hierarchical chart
  • How to insert waterfall, funnel and radar charts
  • How to insert map and 3D charts
  • How to insert sparklines


Analyze the data:

  • How to create an outline and view subtotals
  • How to handle duplicate rows
  • How to use the UNIQUE function
  • How to create a summary of data from sheets and workbooks
  • How to make a formula give a certain result
  • How to analyze the effects of one or two variables on a formula
  • How to analyze groups of values ​​with scenarios
  • How to create a forecast sheet
  • How to import data


Create tables and pivot tables:

  • How to insert an Excel table
  • How to create a pivot table
  • How to filter and sort data in a pivot table
  • How to group data in a pivot table
  • How to create a pivot chart


Create and assign macros:

  • How to create a macro
  • How to assign a macro to a custom command
  • How to insert buttons and other controls on worksheets


Check and protect your data:

  • How to allow you to enter only certain types of data in cells
  • How to protect sheets and folders even with a password
  • How to protect folders locally and on cloud





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  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (from version 9.1 onwards)

JavaScript enabled

Pop-up blocker disabled

Minimum video resolution

The courses are optimized for a 1024 × 768 display on PCs and tablets of at least 7 inches.

Speakers or headphones


Certification / Certificate:


Final report and certificate of use.





Content edited by: Differens

Teacher: Franco Iacovelli



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