Typology: Online Course
Duration: 3 hours



35 Video, mini-video training pills that explain step by step the various functionalities and use cases with audio, video and animations.



Security concepts

  • What is IT Security
  • Data and information. Cybercrime, hacking.
  • Malicious, accidental, and cloud computing threats
  • Personal and work information. Data protection, storage and control.
  • Data subjects and controllers. Guidelines and policies for the use of ICT
  • Social engineering: implications and methods
  • Identity theft: implications and methods
  • Security settings related to macros
  • Encryption: advantages and limitations
  • Encrypt files, folders and disk drives
  • Set passwords for files



  • Trojans, rootkits, backdoors and infectious malware
  • Types of malware: adware, ransomware, spyware, botnets, and keyloggers
  • Antivirus and software updates
  • Run and schedule anti-virus scans
  • Outdated software, quarantine and online resources


Network security

  • Network types: LAN, WLAN, WAN and WPN
  • Security implications, network administrator and firewall
  • Wireless networks: types of security and attacks
  • Personal hotspot and device connection securely


Access control

  • Methods to prevent unauthorized access and one-time passwords
  • Network accounts and biometric security techniques
  • Password: guidelines and management software

Safe use of the web

  • Browser: adequate settings and deletion of private data
  • Secure pages, website authenticity, pharming and content control software



  • Encrypt and decrypt email messages. Digital signature.
  • Identify possible fraudulent or unwanted messages
  • Phishing and the risk of infection through executable files
  • Social nets
  • Instant messaging and VoIP
  • Mobile applications and measures to be taken in the event of a loss of a device


Secure data management

  • Physical security of devices and backup copies
  • Backup to disk, external drive or cloud
  • Restore from disk, external drive or cloud
  • Permanent deletion of data


Produced by: Piazza Copernico

Content edited by: Different

Teacher: Franco Iacovelli

COURSE CODE: OFFICE365 _ it security