39 Video for professional use of Microsoft Outlook, the Microsoft e-mail client used in the company.

Mini-video training pills that explain step by step the various features and use cases with audio, video and animations.


8 hours


Manage the address book:

  • How to manage the address book
  • How to create a new contact
  • How to categorize contacts and manage favorites
  • How to create a new contact group
  • How to forward and share contacts
  • How to use Outlook contacts for Word mail merge


Manage your calendar and create a meeting:

  • How to manage the calendar
  • How to create an event or appointment
  • How to create a meeting
  • How to respond to a meeting invitation
  • How to create a meeting or appointment from a message
  • How to share calendars
  • How to view or import a Google calendar


Manage activities:

  • How to manage activities
  • How to create a business
  • How to assign a task and monitor it


Compose and send messages:

  • How to create a new email message
  • How to attach a file
  • How to request delivery and read receipts and add
  • How to change the date, time and other delivery options
  • How to set priority and confidentiality and flag a message in us
  • How to add and manage signatures
  • How to insert images and manage the format of a message
  • How to call back and how to resend a message
  • How to reply and forward
  • How to set up automatic replies
  • How to create Outlook templates, quick parts and your own templates


Manage your inbox:

  • How to manage the display of the message list in the inbox
  • How to categorize messages
  • How to manage folders
  • How to set up the rules
  • How to use quick actions
  • How to manage the attachments received
  • How to search and filter


Manage the deletion of messages:

  • How to delete and recover messages
  • How to archive messages
  • How to ignore and clean up messages in conversations
  • How to deal with junk mail


Using the interface:

  • How to orient yourself in the browser interface
  • How to customize the interface in the browser
  • How to find your way around the mobile app interface


Manage emails, attachments and automatic replies:

  • How to write and send an email
  • How to attach files to messages
  • How to reply, forward and like
  • How to manage the attachments received
  • How to manage all attachments
  • How to use the read receipt and other options of a new message
  • How to manage reply options and automatic replies
  • How to use mentions
  • How to write to a group


Organize your mail:

  • How to mark messages as read or unread
  • How to mark messages for completion
  • How to create and manage categories
  • How to organize messages with folders
  • How to manage secondary messages
  • How to create and manage rules
  • How to search for messages, attachments and contacts
  • How to delete messages recover them and manage space
  • How to manage message retention and archiving policies
  • How to archive messages
  • How to deal with junk mail
  • How to clean up conversations
  • How to ignore a conversation


Manage the calendar and events:

  • How to use the calendar view
  • How to create an event
  • How to manage the calendars of rooms and equipment
  • How to create a meeting
  • How to respond to a meeting invitation
  • How to share calendar and how to add another's calendar
  • How to print the calendar


Manage contacts:

  • How to use the People view
  • How to create a new contact
  • How to find and use contacts
  • How to import and export contacts


Manage activities:

  • How to use the To Do view
  • How to create activities and marked items
  • How to use to-do lists



Acrobat Reader

PDF documents are exported from version 5 and are compatible with all subsequent versions of Acrobat Reader released up to the update date of this file.


  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (from version 9.1 onwards)

JavaScript enabled

Pop-up blocker disabled

Minimum video resolution

The courses are optimized for a 1024 × 768 display on PCs and tablets of at least 7 inches.

Speakers or headphones


Certification / Certificate:

Final report and certificate of use.





Content edited by: Differens

Teacher: Franco Iacovelli


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