42 Video to create effective, convincing and high-impact presentations in a professional way.  

Mini-video training pills that explain step by step the various features and use cases with audio, video and animations.


4 ½ hours


Manage presentations:

  • How to use the interface
  • How to create a presentation on a template or theme
  • How to save to your PC and the cloud
  • How to share a presentation
  • How to export a presentation
  • How to print a presentation


Manage your slides:

  • How to add slides and manage their layout
  • How to manage slides and sections
  • How to change the background of the slides
  • How to change the slide master
  • How to use PowerPoint Designer
  • How to create a presentation from a Word document


Manage text and tables:

  • How to enter and manage text
  • How to turn a list into an organization chart
  • How to create writings with a strong graphic impact
  • How to insert hyperlinks
  • How to insert and manage tables


Manage images and graphics:

  • How to insert and manage charts
  • How to insert images into slides
  • How to insert screenshots into slides
  • How to create a photo album
  • How to insert shapes and icons
  • How to insert 3D models
  • How to insert graphical lists and diagrams
  • How to insert equations


Insert video and audio:

  • How to insert movies into slides
  • How to insert audio files into your slides and presentation
  • How to record the screen


Animate the presentation:

  • How to apply effects to switching between slides
  • How to bring up one bullet at a time
  • How to make the series of a chart appear one at a time
  • How to make images move on slides
  • How to assign actions to objects
  • How to insert thumbnails of slides with zoom


Prepare the presentation:

  • How to check spelling and enter comments
  • How to compare two presentations
  • How to control the presentation
  • How to set up your presentation


Start the presentation:

  • How to start and control the presentation
  • How to use the presenter view
  • How to turn on automatic subtitles
  • How to start an online presentation





Acrobat Reader

PDF documents are exported from version 5 and are compatible with all subsequent versions of Acrobat Reader released up to the update date of this file.


  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (from version 9.1 onwards)

JavaScript enabled

Pop-up blocker disabled

Minimum video resolution

The courses are optimized for a 1024 × 768 display on PCs and tablets of at least 7 inches.

Speakers or headphones 


Certification / Certificate:

Final report and certificate of use.





Content edited by: Differens

Teacher: Franco Iacovelli


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