Microsoft 365 – ADVANCED TEAMS

Type: Online Course
Duration: 6 ½ hours



58 videos form an in-depth course to understand and make the most of the app's potential in the
areas of communication, sharing and collaboration between colleagues in work groups, but not only, also to manage your personal files and private communications.
Mini-video training pills that explain step by step the various features and use cases with audio, video and animations.



• What is Teams
• What is the window like?
• How to manage settings

Team conversations and files:
• How to start a conversation and mention in a team
• How to reply and add a reaction
• How to format a post, add the subject and mark it as important
• How to save messages and edit or delete your own
• How to create an ad, change response options and post to multiple channels
• How to create a poll in a post (or in a chat)
• How to share a post and how to post, by email
• How to attach files to a post
• How to create and how to upload items in the File tab (and copy links)
• How to open, view, add to top and set as tab files
• How to filter, sort and group items
• How to add columns and edit items in the grid view
• How to create and use visualizations
• How to format views and columns
• How to edit files together with other members
• How to manage file versions
• How to check out and check in files
• How to synchronize team files on your PC
• How to manage access to files and folders
• How to create alerts, in SharePoint

Teams and Channels:
• How to create a team
• How to manage team members and tags
• How to manage team settings
• How to create a channel
• How to manage the general channel and a standard
• How to manage a private channel and a shared one

Chat and video calls:
• How to start a chat
• How to answer and participate in chat
• How to make a video call
• How to share your screen or a window
• How to share a presentation with PowerPoint Live
• How to record a video clip in a chat

• How to schedule a private meeting
• How to start an instant private meeting
• How to schedule a channel meeting
• How to start an instant channel meeting
• How to manage meeting options
• How to manage participants during a meeting
• How to manage a meeting chat
• How to manage shared files in a meeting
• How to share content in a meeting and manage views
• How to share with PowerPoint Live and Excel Live in a meeting
• How to use meeting notes
• How to create polls and quizzes for a meeting
• How to activate and use Questions and Answers in a meeting
• How to create and manage workrooms
• How to manage meeting recording and transcription
• How to manage the meeting attendance report
• How to schedule a webinar
• How to manage a webinar
• How to schedule a live event

Activities and Files:
• How to use the Files app
• How to add and use the Planner and To Do Tasks app
• How to create and manage a personal business (To Do)
• How to create and manage group activities (Planner)



Produced by: Piazza Copernico

Content edited by: Different

Teacher: Frank Iacovelli


COURSE CODE: OFFICE365 _ teams_advanced