After the issuing of all restrictive government measures, in Piazza Copernico we put in place all possible interventions aimed at ensuring the full continuity in the provision of our services.

Among the many measures put in place, for the majority of our employees and collaborators it has been activated Smart Working, in order to guarantee the full operation of the whole company even remotely.

And just working in Smart Working - on content provided by subject matter experts - our production team designed, developed and tested the new WBT course on the Smart Working.

The demonstration that Smart Working is a possible and effective way of working


Lo Smart Working it has been a reality in many work contexts for some time, especially outside Italy.

Globally, it is estimated that in the coming years the majority of resources will operate remotely, both because of the flourishing of new organizational models within companies, and because it is a solution highly appreciated by those who experience it.

But if in the near future Smart Working will become a consolidated working method, at the moment in our country only a minority of companies were already equipped in this sense, and above all SMEs have often found themselves in difficulty.

The massive use of this tool in the face of the current emergency is in fact one opportunity for Italian workers and companies, forced to experience agile work.

On the other hand, the unscheduled but forced way in which everyone had to deal with this tool has caused many problems, both in terms of the choice of technological resources to be adopted and in terms of the rights and duties of the worker and employer.

It therefore seemed useful to address the topic with a short online course which aims to clarify the main ones characteristics of agile work, regulations that regulate it, the modalities of application, the advantages and disadvantages.


The course also allows the partial fulfillment of the training obligation on Safety at Work as Specific Training pursuant to legislation (Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments). In fact, it constitutes the first module of a complete online path with respect to the requirements of the legislation, and at the end provides for the verification of the knowledge acquired, necessary for the issue of the certificate of participation in compliance with the standard.

It is also valid as a course forIVASS professional update (30 hours).

Topics covered by the course:

Do Smart Working

  • Introduction
  • Beyond the concept of Telework
  • Smart Working and emergency situations
  • A little numbers
  • The 3 B's in Smart Working
  • Benefits for companies
  • Benefits for workers
  • The Smart Working manifesto


 The law on agile work

  • Introduction
  • Essential aspects of the Law
  • The risks of agile work
  • The working environment
  • The workplace
  • The INAIL Circular


Video Terminal Security

  • The health effects of VDTs
  • Place the work table
  • Adjust the chair
  • Place the working tools: screen, keyboard and documents
  • Good practices for working properly and having a healthy life
  • 8 tips for a sedentary worker

"The Smart Working Worker"

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