To enhance internal skills many organizations they use mentoring or organize training processes in which internal experts perform the role of teacher for colleagues on the topics in which they are most experienced. But how can a teacher become a good expert?

That an expert really knows how to "train" not only to list concepts or illustrate processes, is not taken for granted. Sometimes the qualities of a good teacher are certainly innate and the combination with experience makes one become a good trainer, but certainly the planning techniques of a lesson and the management techniques of a training room must be refined.

Only in this way can the teacher fully express his teaching skills.

The online course From expert to teacher proposes a didactic path through the narration of the Floris teacher story, analyzing his behavior in the classroom, initially not adequate to lead the user through a reflection on what to do in the classroom and what are the consequences. Through the technique of comics, the story gradually explores the behaviors more and more appropriate to the purpose. The participant's reflection on his experience in the classroom, the advice on management and interactive questions allow at the end of the course to make a personal assessment of the strengths and areas for improvement to be strengthened through what has been learned in the study.


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