Breathe, relax, live, think about health.

These could be the key words of the new policies corporate welfare which aim at the overall well-being of the individual. Not just healthcare or daycare, but a new way of considering the employee and all his needs, starting precisely from those most intrinsically linked to the sphere of well-being.

This all falls within the scope of caring people, a trend that combines actions and initiatives aimed at increasing the quality of life of the employee as a strategic element for the success of a company.

The formula “you work better if you live better” becomes a winner.

The data also proves it: according to the fifth Censis-Eudaimon Report on corporate welfare (2022) implementing or strengthening a welfare plan is a priority for over 60% of companies interviewed.

Corporate welfare plans, introduced in Italy in 2017, go beyond traditional worker protections holidays, leaves, contributions, etc. and offer a variety of complementary services.
They may include services and tools for healthcare (such as reimbursements or agreements for medical visits), family services (help for accessing services for children, for children's education or for fragile family members), opportunities pension supplement, or vouchers or coupons that can support the cost of meals, fuel, sporting and cultural activities.

But we can go further. The corporate wellbeing, especially that which aims at the general well-being of the individual, is increasingly becoming a strategic component for the company which in this way wants to "reward" its employee, pamper him, make him feel good and increase productivity by making him as peaceful as possible.

Relieving the person of tasks and worries helps to increase their productivity and concentration on work.

The main objective is to accompany workers through all areas of their lives, sending a message of the company's presence and attention not only to productivity, but to the overall well-being of the individual. Hence, companies are increasingly offering products and services aimed at the physical, mental and social well-being of workers and their families, from courses on better nutrition to courses on 100% rest and regeneration.

The result is win-win:

  • on a personal level, the serenity with which the employee faces private commitments grows
  • the company benefits from tax breaks for the implementation of welfare policies and improves the corporate climate with positive effects on productivity and attendance.
The PIAZZA COPERNICO training offer dedicated to well-being

There are many courses on offer – also financed – dedicated to integrating within the sphere of well-being corporate everything that can promote the well-being of the individual at 360°: how to eat better, rest more deeply, manage stress or develop vital energy are just some of the synchronous course proposals available to companies to put the well-being of the individual at the centre. employee and help him work better.

The courses can be easily accessed in the Virtual Classroom. These are half-day meetings, with a recommended maximum number of participants of 20/25 people, already provided in many companies, which are made available to be provided within organizations that have chosen to put the person at the center of own training programs.

Piazza Copernico can also help in finding and requesting the financing necessary to make each company at the forefront on this issue.

Piazza Copernico is close to its customers because it believes in improving the world of work and willingly supports ideas and projects for growth and il well-being of people, making them be sustainable through the use of resources from interprofessional funds and public contributions.