The guarantee of an LMS platform already used with satisfaction by over 150.000 users

Labe-l Academy e-learning platform is an experienced LMS that integrates the ease of use , from pc or mobile, with a complete administrative dashboard.

Labe-l Academy is an all-inclusive tool capable of managing all the company's training activities: the course courses il webinar, classroom, il blended learning, with great attention to evaluation training, results tracking and certification.

Labe-l Academy is Scorm compliant and can be perfectly integrated with third-party environments (HR management, E-commerce, portals, etc.).

Flexible and customizable, also in the pricing, Labe-l Academy adapts to the different needs of large organizations as well as SMEs. Modular according to customer needs, with functions and visualization tools that can be customized according to the characteristics of the company.

Solid tech, which has grown over time thanks to the experience of the many companies that have chosen it for the management of their training, enriched by excellent services of technical and management assistance.

Our idea of ​​LMS explained by Oliviero Vittori, General Manager of Piazza Copernico.

A flexible and scalable solution.


LMS Labe-l Academy is offered in the cloud as a service in SaaS (Software as a Service) and with the possibility of being integrated with other corporate cloud solutions.

This allows the customer to have a constantly updated, monitored and maintained technology, without further technological investments in infrastructure or connectivity.

Full cross-browser compatibility is guaranteed, thanks to the continuous updating of the new releases of the main manufacturers.


Possibility of adapting the configuration to the needs of each organization, even on different offices/companies.

Ability to create a corporate channel customized with the customer's brand, recalling the logo, company colors and name on the login page and on the web pages viewed by users.
The channel thus created (also multilingual for multinationals) can be easily assimilated to other corporate digital environments, guaranteeing familiarity and recognition.


To enhance the learning experience and to support the work of the team that operates within the training of companies, Piazza Copernico has set up a series of support services for the management of training processes.

These services are offered to "stack", That is, they overlap and integrate according to the autonomy / operation desired by the HR Department of the company.

Our goal is to offer an operational solution to those teams that, due to limited resources or volumes of activity, are unable to internally manage all training delivery processes (both e-learning and classroom).



1st level Help Desk, dedicated to platform managers.

It is a service dedicated to the solution of technical needs (browsing the training site and e-learning courses).


Both during the delivery of the courses on the platform and during the webinar events, a process Tutor is made available with the aim of assisting the teacher in using the tools and providing technical support to the participants.

This activity is strategically very important for the purposes of training effectiveness, because it allows the speakers and participants to concentrate on the content part of the course.


This involves the organization and management of all activities relating to the training process, for example the uploading to the platform and the activation of courses, the registration of course participants, the management of automatic e-mails, periodic checks and support and / or corrective interventions.


Report processing activities that can be activated, on demand, on how to use the training activities provided on the platform and in the virtual classroom: statistics on access, statistics on the use of courses, statistics on learners, processing of test results.


A SCORM delivery and tracking engine designed and built by Piazza Copernico regulates and records the use of the videos, thus transforming any video available to the customer into a WBT SCORM 1.2 usable in streaming.

This solution is compliant to the training regulations according to the requirements established by the various control and supervisory bodies, and has also been approved for use with the regulatory bodies of compulsory training on various subjects and for various professional orders.



If only streaming use is required, without tracking and restricted use, Piazza Copernico can guarantee this method by exploiting streaming technology.

The service allows the delivery of video courses in streaming mode - without limitations in the number of users and in the band used - rather than in progressive download, in order to optimize the network bandwidth and guarantee a better user experience by effectively eliminating the waiting times for loading.


Tool that allows you to monitor the progress and participation in training based on the KPIs established with the customer. Easily adaptable to the different needs that an organization may have and modifiable over time.


From training data to predictive analytics and criticality detecting to understand and compare different learning experiences (from scorm, to webinar, to classroom, to hybrid learning) and to improve data management in LMS and the results of corporate training


Tool for live sessions in which one or more teachers, or content experts, make themselves available to users to answer questions in writing, with the possibility of automatically generating FAQs on specific topics that can subsequently be made available to all, within the platform.


To facilitate and increase the acquisition of knowledge and skills among the participants in a training project, it is possible to involve learners in a real competition, organizing courses with scores and prizes, and improving performance through the dynamic management of progress, wins and rewards.


The evaluation questionnaires can be activated in dynamic administration mode.
The administration takes place through a system on a Bayesian network which estimates the knowledge demonstrated by the participant during the test, adopting an algorithm for the calculation of a refined judgment, which will determine the most appropriate administration route, thus simulating the guided administration. by an expert.


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