In September 2020 Piazza Copernico was accredited, which Implementing Body, also al Knowledge Fund, with the number 188.

Knowledge Fund is the National Interprofessional Joint Fund for Continuing Education, an associative body created in 2011, which promotes and finances training plans aimed at acquiring and developing the professional skills of workers.

The Fund is easily accessible, in fact all employers can join it, regardless of the economic sector and production sector to which they belong, who are required to pay the supplementary contribution of 0,30% to INPS (compulsory DS contribution for involuntary unemployment ) for all its employees (blue collars, clerks, middle managers)


The Fund provides resources for the financing of training plans with the purpose of update, qualify and adapt the skills of employees of the companies that adhere to it.


We are particularly pleased to be able to offer our expertise in Digital learning and in general in the Learn, putting them at the service of a Fund whose main objective is clearly that of make the use of training simple and accessible to companies (including SMEs), which is one of the most fundamental strategic levers to favor innovation and development of the country.

From today we have one more tool for financing of training to offer to all our customers, but in particular to small and medium-sized companies.