We are delighted to have contributed to the birth of MASTERING PUBLIC SPACE, a new journalistic site that collects news onarchitecture of public spaces, worldwide, with news divided by geographical areas.

The site, which provides open access content, is in fact a news aggregator, which wants to involve the community interested in reporting interesting news.

But what are the public spaces?

  • Pavements
  • roads
  • Squares
  • gardens
  • Parks
  • Museums
  • Biblioteche

With his contribution to the realization of the site, Piazza Copernico takes another small step in its small but heartfelt contribution to environmental sustainability.


We are in fact convinced that the quality of public spaces that architecture conceives largely defines the welfare of those who occupy and use them, ultimately the human being. And that quality public architecture should not be a discipline reserved for a few professionals, but rather a public good.

The publicly owned place must be designed to be usable by everyone, including even those less able to move on their own feet.

The quality of public spaces is therefore in effect a key element of individual and collective well-being.

Welcome Mastering Public Space.


Thanks to our Web Designer Valentina Gaspari, for her commitment and passion in creating the site