After the issuing of the recent restrictive government measures (DPCM 09/03/2020), in Piazza Copernico we implemented the plans already planned at the beginning of the emergency, aimed at ensuring the full continuity in the provision of our services, which have become increasingly strategic for our customers since the only possible form of training at this time is distance learning.

In particular:

  • we have parallelized the nodal functions of our work on several people;
  • for most of our employees and collaborators it has been activated Smart Working, to ensure maximum operation even remotely;
  • our offices will however remain open and manned;
  • the suppliers where our IT resources are housed, for procedures and databases, have declared the full and complete operation of their offices, according to the contractually guaranteed service standards.

Therefore we are able to provide our services in CONTINUITY E SECURITY, fulfilling the growing demands of customers, even during the evolution of the ongoing health crisis.


  • we have provided a free of charge for our customers WBT course on the health emergency from COVID-19
  • we foresee the provision of a WBT course on the Smart Working, including the necessary notions of Ciber Security.