With regard to corporate information and emergency prevention obligations Coronavirus, imposed by the ministerial decree of 26 February 2020, Piazza Copernico has developed and offers a short one online course.

The course aims to facilitate all employers in the train and inform their employees on the subject, keeping track of the training carried out.

It is a Training pill, a short but incisive multimedia course that fully addresses the issue, based on official contents of the Ministry of Health.

Topics covered by the course:

The new Covid-19

  • What is a Coronavirus?
  • SARS-Cov-2 causes COVID-19
  • Why did the new Coronavirus appear?
  • What are the symptoms of a person affected by a Coronavirus
  • How dangerous is the new virus?
  • How is the new Coronavirus transmitted?
  • How is the new Coronavirus not transmitted?
  • Is there a cure for Coronavirus?
  • Frequently asked questions and curiosities

Prevention and control strategies

  • The ten behaviors to follow
  • How to wash your hands properly to ward off infections?
  • Tips for travelers after returning to Italy
  • Tips for travelers in affected areas
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"Coronavirus: knowledge is health. Short guide to defend yourself from contagion "

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