Design, development and maintenance of public portals aimed at communication and interaction, and intended for a specific target.

The web portal represents a space for communication and promotion:

  • of information
  • of services
  • of courses and initiatives
  • of event calendars

and provides access to services subject to registration.

In addition to making commercial material, updates and communications available to subscribers, the portal can also offer training courses, integrating the functions of the LMS platform, such as the registration processes for courses available in the catalog, access to comparison tools and social sharing in the professional community of reference, access to one knowledge base .

Through the care of textual and visual communication, as well as the dynamics of interaction, the portals are always created in coherence with the brand identity of the client.


Preparation of special management tools for professional communities, both within public web portals and within the LMS platform.

In accordance with the characteristics of the project and users, the most appropriate configuration of:

  • profiling of users in the community system,
  • knowledge sharing tools (posts, articles, news, blogs, libraries, surveys, testimonials, videos, product pages, etc.),
  • interaction tools (like, shares, incorporations, vote, comments, etc.),
  • aggregation systems (friendships, groups, circles, etc.),
  • system of moderation rules,
  • engagement and notification systems,
  • reporting systems.


Portal dedicated to commercial Malls

Several businesses (shops and services) and people coexist within a Mall, who share not only the spaces but jointly contribute to the success of the Center.
Although not connected from a business point of view, the different players are the daily interface with the population of visitors / customers. The user experience is in fact linked not only to hard product variables (pricing, exposure, communication), but it is also strongly linked to the soft lever of human resources. The commercial agglomeration is the common workplace of people who, although employees of different companies and therefore with heterogeneous training processes, represent a success variable of the entire retail point. For this reason, the enhancement of a common identity, training on homogeneous levels of customer care represents a concrete opportunity to enhance the Center.

Objective: to standardize customer management in all stores, through:


Digital playful training

Through the training game, the participation of each worker is activated in order to improve their professional activity, but also to enhance their own shop. The subsequent game levels provide for the enhancement of the comparison with workers from other stores to standardize and qualitatively increase customer management. The competition always ends with a final event including awards.



E-learning platform (LMS) accessible to all employees of the Mall in a free and continuous way, accessible from PC or mobile. Within the platform there will be a catalog of quick and easy online courses, and "training pills" (micro learning), organized basically on three macro-themes:

  • Sales, customer management, customer satisfaction;
  • Transversal courses (languages, IT, soft skills);
  • Sustainability (environmental, social, economic).



There are video contributions, documents, photos, etc., aimed at explaining and documenting the operational reality, and suggestions for effectively dealing with everyday situations.
In this space are recorded: testimonies, theoretical explanations, positive or negative anecdotes, reflections, cases and autocases, etc.
The material produced will constitute an important pool of information research for all workers and sharing of experiences. This material can be used to compare and acquire rapid solutions to concrete problems (rapid learning).

Through the shared platform, also accessible from mobile, participants can:

Register and manage their profile

Check their score and leaderboards

Participate in the Gamification program

Take the compulsory courses

Enjoy ad hoc training pills

Share experiences by participating in the community

Portal dedicated to sales channels and distribution networks

The portal provides exclusive training content aimed at personal and professional development, with the aim of enhancing training as a "performance accelerator".
All contents, multimedia and otherwise, are offered to the community in open mode and can be viewed, evaluated and commented by opening threads for discussion, comparison and growth.
The use of the training activities provides participants with additional bonuses, real multipliers / accelerators of the score accrued with the professional sales activities.

In addition to the immediate display on the home page of your score and your position in the ranking, you can consult the complete ranking. The ranking highlights the position, the composition of the final score and the trend of the individual participant compared to a previous ranking. By clicking on your overall score, you access a detailed sheet that clarifies all the components that contributed to the formation of the final score.

In an area of ​​the community there are original contributions prepared by the editorial staff, aimed at developing the professional skills required by the client. The analysis of community interactions helps to guide the selection of subsequent editorial contributions. Within each contribution there may be references to in-depth contributions in other formats (eg Video).