On Thursday 30 June 2022 in Turin, in the prestigious setting of the National Automobile Museum, the awarding of the VII Edition of the Training Excellence Award promoted by the Italian Association of Trainers.

Our project "SMARTWORKING, THE WEB SERIES" has been awarded the 1st prize in the category COMMUNICATION.

Elena Messore and Eraldo Colombo for Piazza Copernico and Silvia Guidi for Sorgenia collected the award, who told of the synergistic and fun work that led us to this brilliant result.

The motivation for our award.

Given the awards assigned, it seems to me that 'communicative freshness' was a common criterion in identifying who to reward. Each evaluation, as we know, is determined by both the content and the container, both of which are relevant. In this case, what prevailed was the ability to seduce and tell the contents in a light, almost humorous, fresh way. This explains the first prize a PIAZZA COPERNICO.

Guido Avigdor

President of the Communication Area Jury of the PEF award

Smartworking, the web series

The life of four families revolutionized by smartworking. A condominium that tries to live the new normal.

Education meets people caring through the liberating power of laughter.

The winning cards of the project
  • video experience
  • Storytelling
  • Humour
  • Work team
  • Transferability to other work environments

The idea of "Smartworking - The Webserie" was born, during the Covid 19 pandemic, from the need to support all Sorgenia Spa staff in the new smart working methods.

From Sorgenia's need to communicate “We are here” to its employees, the idea of ​​the web series was born.

An initiative of training e information , but also an operation of caring people: working remotely must not affect the sense of belonging to the company.

The project lasted six months (May - October 2021), and involved all Sorgenia staff, who also participated in the role of actor, helping to boost engagement.

The web series was built on the stories of a small number of characters, in a familiar and ordinary environment, a condominium revolutionized by the new wheels generated by smartworking. The protagonists are four families, chosen with attention to the values ​​of Diversity and Inclusion.

In nine episodes we winked at typical situations of working life in smartworking, touching both the criticalities and the aspects of value.

Absurd, comic, but definitely plausible situations went on stage; there were also small "tributes" to the TV series of the moment.

An infographic at the end of each episode offered instructions on how to work better, with a view to safeguarding people's well-being, work-life balance and productivity.

The language used was deliberately "typically Sorgenia", So that every employee could find himself in the work routine.


An article on the "Sorgenia Up" magazine launched the training campaign and the social experience, designed to increase the expectation of the release of the episodes. The campaign ended with the publication of the bloopers.

Silvia Guidi (Diversity, Inclusion & People Care, Innovation & Development Department of Sorgenia SpA)

"Smart Working - The web series was a new learning experience for us: thanks to our collaboration with the Piazza Copernico team, for the first time we used irony to transfer valuable content and we did it in the middle of the pandemic, when the context around us was anything but 'playful'. Hence the decision to convey the instructions to better live our new 'connected life' in a light and fun way that was in line with our values, among which the 'FUN' principle stands out which translates as follows: in Sorgenia we face with enthusiasm and passion the challenges that arise, collaborating with each other and encouraging the self-realization of all. Furthermore, we directly involved our colleagues through a 'contest' that allowed them to play a leading role or co-star in some episodes of the web series, alongside the actors of Piazza Copernico: another aspect that generated engagement and that contributed to making this training project even more interesting and stimulating for us at Sorgenia ”.