The importance of a specific and interactive teaching methodology for the virtual classroom

When we decided to organize a "NON-WEBINAR”On this topic, we were aware of the appeal that it would arouse.

The guided reflection that we wanted to solicit to spread the use of a shared training methodology in digitalised environments immediately aroused enormous interest among experts in the sector, so much so that we were forced to add two subsequent dates to the only one initially set.


The three non-webinars took place in active mode, contrary to the experience of the participants who tell about events that are often one-way centered on the teacher / speaker, typically for medium-large groups. We have achieved a different lesson experience, with a high engagement rate, offering simple solutions (for example interaction on materials, initial surveys, intensive use of chat, simulation games, slide commentary).

At the end of the three events, our impression is that it is always very constructive to bring together professionals from the Training sector who come into play as trainers, with the desire to improve, reflect, share.

The participants welcomed the stimuli offered and, mutually, made their direct experiences available to the Virtual Classroom. Three "lessons" have thus developed which, through the participation of all, have been enriched by the experiences of each.

A real vision of the whole that has transformed the individual participants into a single group. And this makes us understand how the most relevant part of the training intervention becomes the live it.

  • identifying in the sharing the main driver of training,
  • enhancing the element Commitment even in the virtual classroom.
[aerious_team type = "slider" columns = "3 ″ image_size =" full "show_position =" no "show_social_links =" no "navigation =" true "nav_style =" "nav_buttons =" ​​false "single_item_nav =" false "autoplay =" true "Autoplay_pause_on_hover =" true "loop =" true "autoplay_timeout =" 15 ″] [aerious_team_member name = "Claudio" image = "262 ″ desc =" The support of good teaching material is essential for attention. "] [Aerious_team_member name = ”Stefania” image = ”264 ″ desc =” In my opinion there must be listening and sharing. the attention of the participants is difficult to maintain also because in our virtual classrooms the interaction takes place only via chat. "] [aerious_team_member name =" Massimo "image =" 270 ″ desc = "Dividing the group into subgroups can be effective." ] [/ aerious_team]

The three episode cycle of the "non-Webinar" was therefore an important didactic moment in support of the theme of distance education.

Improve the effectiveness of training in Webinars today it is a widespread need in almost all organizations, which must necessarily deal with this method of use.

These are the winning keys for think of events "user-friendly":

  • overcome the monolithic vision of "teacher with slides ";
  • differentiate the methods based on the different lesson topics, the number of participants, the objectives and times available;
  • prepare ex-ante a design document, which offers numerous interaction variants for all types of content and for all types and number of audiences.


We must never forget that there are many potential technical, informative criticalities, careful in an online lesson. But often the solutions are at hand, simple and immediately usable.

Through one clear, detailed and specific didactic planning of the lesson in the Virtual Classroom it is possible to guarantee the teacher the tools to:

  • achieve training goals,
  • overcome technological constraints,
  • solicit the active participation of connected persons.
[aerious_team type = "slider" columns = "3 ″ image_size =" full "show_position =" no "show_social_links =" no "navigation =" true "nav_style =" "nav_buttons =" ​​false "single_item_nav =" false "autoplay =" true "Autoplay_pause_on_hover =" true "loop =" true "autoplay_timeout =" 15 ″] [aerious_team_member name = "Victory" image = "268 ″ desc =" Dividing the group into subgroups can be effective. "] [Aerious_team_member name =" Silvia " image = ”272 ″ desc =” Above 20 participants, it is very difficult to determine the effectiveness of the training. While in a small group communication is two-way. "] [Aerious_team_member name =" Emanuele "image =" 262 ″ desc = "I am (been) a user, not a teacher, and you made me want to return to attend training courses in the classroom or online. "] [/ aerious_team]