To be truly innovative it is necessary to go beyond the boundary of consolidated practices and have an overview of the scenario; then identify new perspectives, define challenging goals, work creatively, commit to reaching new goals.

This is the mindset of innovation according to Piazza Copernico.

Whether it is an incremental or radical, improvement or replacement innovation, each innovation is a new and creative way of dealing with known and emerging problems.

Making innovation requires an "ambidextrous” approach (Charles O'Reilly and Michael Tushman, Harvard Business Review, 2004), that is, to overcome the impasse between established and functioning practices and knowing how to explore new paths and opportunities, while maintaining the ability to effectively carry out existing activities.

However, innovation is not only doing things in a new way, but also driving change both in business processes and in people's leadership, inspiring them towards innovation and improvement.

Piazza Copernico realizes this challenge through a Innovation Plan and Research and Development (R&D) annually updated . The Plan is dedicated to the study and development of new applications specifically dedicated to the Training and HR sector, but we make these new applications transversal, extending their use in other business sectors where possible.

This is why we created the division PIAZZA COPERNICO LAB, a specialized team that coordinates all Research and Development activities and has consolidated important collaborations with Companies, Bodies over time National Research Organizations e University,  including the important multi-year agreement with IAC - Institute for Computing Applications of the CNR of Rome.

The main areas of work of PIAZZA COPERNICO LAB are currently:

  • innovation and experimentation of new didactic models e e-learning solutions;
  • qualitative analysis of the texts, through semantic analysis techniques, Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining, Natural Language Processing;
  • paradigm generation of data visualization and the creation of statistical indicators through techniques of Pattern Analysis, Clustering and aggregate indexing .

From the activities of PIAZZA COPERNICO LAB the numerous production innovations that PIAZZA COPERNICO continually makes available to its customers are born.