Recognize workplace harassment


Type: Course
Duration: 45 minutes
Languages: Italian - LIS



  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Woman Empowerment Academy


The role of witnesses and communication management

  • The witness of a violence
  • What can a witness do?
  • Hollaback's 5 D method
  • Distract
  • Support
  • Delegate and document
  • Say
  • The de-personalization of aggression
  • Non-violent communication
  • The giraffe language and the jackal language
  • The communication process
  • Exercise


Prevention policies within the company

  • The national memorandum of understanding
  • The ILO convention
  • What the company should do in the event of assault, violence or harassment in the workplace
  • The internal regulations, the information sheet and the trusted person
  • The first section of the SUVA checklist
  • The second and third sections of the SUVA checklist
  • The final table of the SUVA checklist
  • A corporate operational and regulatory climate
  • Gibbs' cycle of Reflexivity