Is the Italian school ready to finally take note of the existence of e-learning training?

Better late than never

In recent times, the world of Italian schools, which still today has not finished inserting IWBs in the classrooms, now totally obsolete tools in a world where everything is mobile devices, has at least started to approach the concept of the fact that training methods other than traditional ones exist.

Very shyly, articles, letters and contributions begin to appear which admit at least the existence of training possibilities outside the traditional teacher-student frontal lesson.

Just to provide some examples, in the Orizzonte Scuola portal, perhaps not entirely precise articles appear on a topic that is still extraneous to the dominant culture, but which make it clear how much the need to grow the use of technologies in school is felt .

Horizon School: E-learning: a constantly growing market.

Horizon School: A didactic by images captures the students. Letter.

Horizon School: Blended learning. An infographic on the different types and useful tools

Although there is still no real awareness of the possibilities offered by e-learning, and although this term identifies virtual classroom lessons more than real online courses, the idea that the possibility of another is beginning to spread. type of teaching can also be used within the school world.

Students are decidedly more innovative than the environment around them, but perhaps they can insinuate at least the doubt into the school that there are also other ways to encourage learning in addition to the frontal lesson in the classroom.