Self Leadership - Valuing one's talents


Delivery method: Virtual Classroom
Duration: 1 meeting of 4 hours
N ° Participants: max 20/25




  • Develop a process of self-knowledge and empowerment through the Voice Dialogue approach
  • Understand what our self-limiting talents and behaviors are and create a better relationship with ourselves and with others.
  • Starting with ourselves to be credible and guiding others.


  • Understanding our personality aspects: resource or limit?
  • Judgment and admiration as keys to understanding our system
  • Improve self-esteem through the conscious management of internal criticism

How to:

  • Identify the dominant aspects of our character
  • Identify the resources we do not allow ourselves to express
  • Practical exercise to rebalance our internal system
  • Understanding how to listen to internal criticism by transforming it into healthy self-criticism


The training activity will be delivered by applying a methodology based on the alternation of theoretical sessions, use of emotional images and exercises capable of making the theoretical concepts expressed more effective.

Educational Materials:

  • slide
  • Tips Exercises