Semanticase, in addition to being a software is also a research project, and for this constantly evolving, because it provides the results of the studies and experiments that our work team faces every day, dealing with the world of research and the most recent and challenging evolutions of the matter.

With the aim of continuously evolving the tool, to improve its analytical capacity, Semanticase has recently been enriched with significant features:

Topic Sentiment prevalence: a specific graph that highlights topic by topic the prevalence of the sentiment index divided by classes. This function helps to understand, on the single issue, how the contributions are positioned from the point of view of sentiment, to understand the level of criticality or positivity of each topic

Audio import with advanced speech-to-text: integrated the functions of acquisition of the text from the audio, with the enrichment of the path with para-verbal parameters and the provision of specific graphs on these data

Importing texts from WhatsApp: type of specific import of a textual dataset starting from one or more groups, broadcast lists or WhatsApp numbers

Import of scanned files: the import features have been extended to include in the advanced procedure also the reading and acquisition of texts from scans (OCR)

The R&D team is now working on important new side sentiment analysis.

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