Piazza Copernico, in order to strengthen its staff, searches for a profile Senior Javascript Web design Developer. 

The person will place himself in the team that develops training pills, applications, websites, in a highly technological and advanced context, aimed at satisfying users' needs more and better.

To carry out his activities he will have a continuous dialogue with the rest of the team and constant interaction with the reference management.


[alert_box style = ”success” close = ”no”] The candidate must have fvegetable gardens skills Technical: [/ alert_box]

  • - HTML5, CSS3 with complete autonomy in the development of applications (even complex ones) in Javascript
  • - AngularJS
  • - Jquery
  • - Knowledge of VCS such as GIT


[alert_box style = "success" close = "no"] They will be a plus: [/ alert_box]

  • - Knowledge of SVG
  • - Knowledge and curiosity on the most current issues of the Frontend world
  • - Mastery with responsive grids, fall-back for older browsers and maximum sensitivity in compliance with the concepts of cross-browser and cross-device
  • - Propensity to work in a team, proactivity and passion for the digital world


[alert_box style = "success" close = "no"] Additional requirements: [/ alert_box]

  • - Degree in computer engineering or related disciplines
  • - At least five years' experience as a web developer
  • - Analytical and problem solving skills
  • - Ability to respect deadlines and deadlines
  • - Flexibility


[alert_box style = ”success” close = ”no”] Workplace: [/ alert_box]



[alert_box style = "success" close = "no"] Seniority level [/ alert_box]

Medium-high level


[alert_box style = "success" close = "no"] Sector [/ alert_box]

  • - Software
  • - Graphic design


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