I facial recognition systems, albeit with some bias still inevitable but in progressive resolution through an increasingly accurate control of the type of data and information with which the AI ​​is trained, they are becoming increasingly efficient and reliable.

All the big players are working on this topic. Just to give an example the software per analysis of videos and images Rekognition developed by The Amazon allows you to enjoy facial recognition services, with an accurate detection of moods (happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, surprise, calm, fear). Google would be massively testing facial recognition on its new smartphones. All over the world they bloom every day App of all types (the best known FaceApp, but there are in various sectors, from Security to Finance, from Games to Transportation) that already use facial recognition to identify their customers. Another example is Clearview AI, which allows you to trace, from a single image of a person, to all his public photos on Facebook, YouTube, and various other websites: billions of images of faces that are used by US law enforcement agencies to identify the perpetrators of crime.

It becomes evident that in all areas the accuracy facial recognition becomes vital, because in poorly controlled environments it can generate violations of fundamental rights, unmotivated identifications, serious violations of Privacy.

But if accuracy is ensured, the use of this technology has undeniable positive effects: from security checks to airport check-ins, to use by public bodies, to security systems at the entrance of stadiums and concerts , many very useful applications are already in use, even in Italy.

As part of its partnership agreement with the leading company of the adaptive media  Cynny , the company e-learning  PIAZZA COPERNICO has integrated into its own LMS platform LABE-L ACADEMY the system MorphCastan editor that combines interactive videos, AI, Machine Learning and recognition of facial expressions and emotions, as well as attention control, without using personal data and therefore in full compliance with Privacy.

The internationally recognizedaccuracy of MorphCast technology in the detection of emotions compared to competitors such as Microsoft, Affectiva, Emotient, Visage Technology, etc.

Unlike all the other solutions analyzed, which work on the server side, MorphCast is the only client side technology, light (less than 1MB), which runs directly inside the browser (both desktop and mobile) or an App. nevertheless, its accuracy is quite comparable to that of the big names.


Thanks to the integration of this reliable technology, connecting to our platform LABE-L ACADEMY, the learner can avoid entering credentials and proceed to log into the platform through facial recognition.

Using the facial recognition technique, Piazza Copernico is already introducing it into its own WBT the insertion of the controls:

  • presence (the course detects the presence of a person in front of the pc. If after a time X from the detection of the absence the person at the pc has not returned to the station, the course stops and proposes an interaction to resume use)
  • of attention (The video detects if who is at the pc is watching the contents, if he is interested, if he is listening or if he is distracted)

We are also studying many other innovative digital learning applications to be implemented in the near future.

For example, soon the tool will be used for building adaptive videos. In essence, a story, or content, may vary based on the characteristics, emotional state and level of attention of those who stand in front of the screen.