Sul number 41 of Panorama the Head of Italy Market of Enel Energia Nicola Lanzetta tells how our software was used semantic case to analyze the semantics and sentiment of complaints presented by Enel Energia customers through digital channels.

Semanticase report examples

But thecomplaint analysis with a view to Customer Care it is only one of the many possible applications of Semanticase.

Just to give some examples:

  • Within Digital learning, can be integrated with an educational module or an LMS platform, to implement, for example, the periodic analysis of social interaction, the analysis and correction of papers and exercises, the survey and needs analysis, the indexing of teaching material to support self-study processes, or the development of online tutoring based on the indexing of course contents;
  • Within HR, it can be used for climate analysis, semantic analysis of curriculum vitae, performance monitoring surveys;
  • In the context of document management for the Compliance Analysis of documents, for document research in laws and regulations, or as a document search engine in the Knowledge Base.
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