The Piazza Copernico project for the School-Work Alternation in agreement with LICEO CLASSICO GOFFREDO MAMELI - Tommaso Salvini Higher Education Institute

The project  #BLOGGING provided for the participation of students in editorial marketing. The children were involved in the drafting of popular articles on the topic of training and in particular e-learning. They also collaborated with the company in the context of our sector benchmarking and web marketing activities.

Each student was assigned a list of articles to be made. To do this, each boy took care of finding useful sources and writing the blog article. For the realization of the content the kids have adopted SEO strategies trying to write a well indexable article on search engines.

Piazza Copernico will publish the students' articles on the blog, analyzing for each the positioning on Google, the visits, the average reading time and the shares on social networks.

All the analyzed data will be shared with the student author of the content to verify the effectiveness of the work done.

Thanks to the school tutor Sara Zuzzi and congratulations to the students for their commitment and interest shown in this project!