A new communication initiative specifically dedicated to our customers begins today.

All our client companies who use our platform for their training Labe-l Academy will receive the first issue of "in COPERNIC SQUARE" a Quarterly newsletter specifically dedicated to users of our Learning Management System.

With this new means of communication we want to systematically transmit to customers who have chosen to use our LMS all the news and a series of relevant reports, such as:

  • New functions and changes introduced on the platform
  • New support services
  • New e-learning courses included in the catalog
  • Educational trends

This quarterly appointment does not want to replace the daily direct relationship with the companies we collaborate with, which for us is an inexhaustible source of information and improvement, but it wants to be a further element of attention and communication, a periodic information update that will report in a way systematic all the great and small innovations of the world Piazza Copernico.

Another way of "teaming up" with our customers to best meet the needs of all those who are involved in the training processes in the company.