In recent years ours video, shot in a small studio inside our offices, they have had an ever increasing success.

Every day more requested and appreciated, the videos can be used independently, or effectively inserted within e-learning training courses.

La video content production it has long been an integrated tool in our online courses, but is now acquiring, in many cases, the role of the main tool for the delivery of educational content.

The dissemination of the Videos is motivated above all by the need to involve the participant more and more, to activate their attention and interest, but also by the possibility of simplifying the description of cases and situations in a quick, concise and engaging way.

The videos produced by Piazza Copernico may be suitable for the communication and training of every type of company, from multinationals to SMEs, and can be declined differently according to the customer's needs: institutional and corporate videos, video tutorials, emotional videos, company and product presentations, commercials, mini-series, ...

Given the interest aroused by the products of our Video Staff, we have decided to renew ourselves and further expand, setting up during the summer a new audio / video recording studio highly professional, more spacious, soundproofed and with a 15 square meter green screen.

All the professionals involved in video production, from design to the recovery to the post production, as well as the processing means, are internal, a circumstance of which we are proud and which allows us to always maintain a high level of competitiveness in terms of production costs.

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