Piazza Copernico presents the Webinar
“From traditional marketing to digital marketing”.

March 1 2021

10:30 - 12:30

An opportunity to learn all the most important notions about the new Marketing 4.0.

Learn how to take your business from offline to online and be successful.

Why is it no longer enough to offer a good product / service today? Why is being available and present when and where the customer is looking for us is essential?
By attending the Webinar you will get the answers to these questions and many more, you will learn what it means to be successful today, in an ever wider and more aggressive network of companies.

For example, did you know that 70% of consumers before buying a product, in one store physical or in one online and, do one first search on the Internet?
These researches greatly influence the final purchase choice.

That's why to be successful, in the physical as well as in the digital world, understand how and where to intervene it is the necessary condition for our customers to find us easily during their search process.
During the meeting you will have the opportunity to learn all the most important notions about Marketing 4.0, you can ask questions and interact directly with the teacher in the classroom.

The issues addressed will include all the most relevant elements of the new Marketing, with particular reference to:

  • The spheres of influence;

  • Humanistic Marketing;

  • Content Marketing;

  • From 4 P to 4 C.

But why are we talking about new Marketing and its evolution from 1.0 to 4.0?

Over time, the marketing discipline has also had to adapt to changes.

It has gone from Marketing 1.0, born for the sale of products in progressively mature markets, al Marketing 2.0, i.e. al web marketing.

Then it came to Marketing 3.0 which belongs to the era of globalization, where the focus is on the customer.

Finally we got to Marketing 4.0, that is, that of connected relationships.

Il Online Marketingthe Marketing 4.0, is today a necessary tool for the engagement of the also information.

Understanding how the concept of Marketing has evolved over time and what its evolution entails is the starting point for having success and to stand out within an increasingly numerous and aggressive network of companies.

Discover and learn everything there is to know to compete in the right and effective way in the new digital network.

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During the event, the series of online courses "The new marketing".