English course A1


The starting level of the English course A1 is "absolute beginner"And the objectives are: to break the ice with the English language and to develop the basic communication skills (" survival "level of knowledge).


English No Problem is a basic course aimed at users who need to start from scratch, to be accompanied on a gradual path, to be reassured of the possibility of following the rhythm and being supported in the motivation to learn.


40 hours. The duration indicated is to be considered indicative with respect to an average evaluation of use of the aforementioned courses.


The training course is divided into 30 lessons, selected in relation to the objectives to be achieved, each focused on a specific daily situation, represented in the related sitcom episode.

1 I'm Elena Informal conversations Beginner A1.1
2 Hello! Greeting somebody Beginner A1.1
3 She comes from Spain Introducing yourself Beginner A1.1
4 Dinner is ready! Apologising Beginner A1.1
5 Elena is looking for a job days of the week Beginner A1.1
6 Que tal Tu dia? Clothing Beginner A1.1
7 I need a black coat Describing somebody's physical aspect Beginner A1.1
8 Is he your boyfriend? Saying months and numbers Beginner A1.1
9 Holiday plans Planning the future Beginner A1.1
10 Passport control Talking about wishes and preferences Beginner A1.1
11 Is this your bag? Traveling by plane Beginner A1.1
12 W Asking for words meaning Elementary A1.2
13 I'd like some wine tonight Quantities Elementary A1.2
14 Shopping Likes and dislikes Elementary A1.2
15 What about me? Saying what you need  Elementary A1.2
16 Going to the movies Asking about time and duration Elementary A1.2
17 A headache Describing how you are feeling  Elementary A1.2
18 Who are these girls? Speaking about people Elementary A1.2
19 Department store Buying something Preintermediate A2.1
20 Booking a hotel Proposing doing something Preintermediate A2.1
21 Public transport Asking about transportation and times Preintermediate A2.1
22 Which street do I take? Asking the way and giving directions Preintermediate A2.1
23 Food and drink Speaking about abilities Preintermediate A2.1
24 Welcome back! Asking to describe someone or something Intermediate and A2.2
25 Alone at home Household chores and appliances Intermediate and A2.2
26 You should try it! Making suggestions and stating rules Intermediate and A2.2
27 I'm starving! Expressing permission, responsibility and obligations Intermediate and A2.2
28 I'm moving out Character and personality Intermediate and A2.2
29 Could you put me through? Telephone language Intermediate and A2.2
30 That's fantastic news! Describing childhood Intermediate and A2.2


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